Our Seasoned Team of Industry Professionals
Samuel Sadow, MD Co-Founder and Chairman

Samuel is a retired heart surgeon. He was an international Principal Investigator for FDA Phase III Trials for ATS Medical, Inc. (ATSI-Nasdaq). He founded University Medical Clinics Inc., a network of primary care clinics contracting with Medicare and HMOs. Samuel co-authored the company’s Daily Therapy© software and was the Investigator for the company’s virtual Phase I/II T2DM remission trials. He’s a graduate of Chicago Medical School.

John Hablak President

John Hablak is an experienced and highly effective entrepreneur, having graduated University Colorado in operations management. In 2017 he co-founded and successfully operates the then largest medical marijuana clinic in South Florida. He has since separately acquired a major primary care medical clinic.

Jason Mankiewicz Co-Founder, CTO, Partner

Jason is a US Navy veteran and liaison with the web technology and operations teams. He was a network development executive in the HMO industry and formerly COO of University Medical Clinics, Inc. He co-authored the company’s Daily Therapy© software and AI-based personal algorithms. Jason and Samuel co-designed the company’s patent-pending ecosystem.

Nicholas Rutsis COO

Nick is acting COO and formerly Southeast US and Northern Caribbean Operations Director for St. Jude Medical and Medtronic. He was charged with contracting and purchasing with some of the country’s largest hospital systems. He is co-founder of Chelexa BioSciences, a patented technology to prevent MRSA, licensed to Hoth Therapeutics (NASDAQ). Nick is a Vietnam veteran serving as a Captain in the US Marine Corp.