We’re a revolutionary, B2B, digital healthcare and SaaS company employing DEEP TECH artificial intelligence enabled, enterprise-level software to automate and scale for sustainable, patent pending, subconscious remodeling for type 2 diabetes and adiposity-based chronic disease remission.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help enterprises reduce healthcare costs and improve quality of life, while earning an attractive return for our investors.

Our Vision

We’re dedicated to providing the digital architecture society needs for effectively solving a wide variety of healthcare challenges in order to create a better, more efficient, and enjoyable tomorrow. Possible future public-private partnerships could include the following:

  • B2C strategic partnerships with integrated healthcare networks.
  • Population Health and Pre-diabetes remission.
  • Leasing SaaS for Substance Abuse Recidivism.

“The power of the atom, the human genome, and the Internet have all been conquered. The MIND is the next great frontier. MCI Health Networks goal is using our efforts in subconscious brain remodeling in order to help advance the human condition.”

Samuel Sadow, MD, Inventor of automated, scalable AI-based Subconscious Rehabitualization